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Door op 25 May 2021

This is what you miss if you sell your house without a real estate agent

Due to the high demand for housing and the tight housing supply it is tempting to skip the service of a sales agent. The house will sell itself anyway. Sensible? Our real estate agent Jolanda Broere explains what you are missing out of if you decide to sell your house without the help of a real estate agent.

Every day occurence

Jolanda: “Selling a house without a real estate agent is possible and may seem beneficial. But there’s a lot more to it than you think. Especially a lot of knowledge. Someone who sells his house may only do this once or twice in his life. For a real estate agent this is daily fare and that expertise is often decisive for the success of the sale.”

Sales agent duties

The tasks that real estate agents are well-informed about include:

  • Determining a good selling price
  • Put the house on the market as attractively as possible
  • Lead viewings
  • Conduct negotiations in the bidding process
  • Draw up deed of sale
  • Final inspection after house sale
  • And finally the key transfer

The full sales process

“If you choose a RE/MAX estate agent, then you leave the entire sales process to a professional. High quality photos and a 360° video are made of the house. The house is measured according to the NEN 2580 standard and a floorplan is made based on this so that the potential buyer gets a good idea of the layout. The sales agent thinks along proactively and sets priorities at a time when there is already a lot to decide. For sellers, this means a lot of peace and overview in an often exciting period of their lives.”

What good is a sales agent?

The sales agent:

  • Knows the best strategy to sell your house according to you wishes
  • Follows the developments in the housing market and in your neighborhood on a daily basis
  • Conducts extensive market research to determine the asking price and the expected return
  • Makes clear, transparent agreements and stands up for your interests as a seller
  • Ensures that every interested party has the opportunity to view your home
  • Guides potential buyers around your home, exclusively and by appointment
  • Is an experienced negotiator during the bidding process
  • Is aware of all laws and regulations and will protect you from legal pitfalls when drafting and signing the deed of sale

Hidden flaws

Jolanda: “It sometimes happens that home sellers conceal house defects in the hope of a higher price. But that dog just won’t hunt. Because in general the seller is liable if there turns out to be a defect that both parties were not aware of. As a sales agent you advise the client about the obligation to report hidden defects in order to avoid misunderstandings. As a result, the sale can be reversed or renegotiated, so that you have to repay part of the purchase price. Neither a pleasant prospect."

Silent sale

“Due to the tight housing market and the high demand, more and more home sellers are choosing not to put their house on Funda. The property is then offered through the network of brokers. This is what we call silent sales. It is also possible that sellers do not make the property known to a large public for privacy or security reasons. Or they first want to buy a house themselves before they put their own house on the market for sale. With a silent sale you address a narrow, but much more specific target group that you only will reach through the broker. As a RE/MAX sales agent you handle information confidentially and you can ensure discreet sales.”

What does a sales agent get you?

Jolanda: “Through the sales agent you reach an audience of millions. This is the way to the most optimal sales prices, just as important, optimal sales conditions. RE/MAX has a regional, national and even international network. So your home is not only brought to the attention by us on Funda.

You will also have to deal with official deeds, conditions and legal formulations. It is therefore important to know what the rights and obligations of the sellers are, but also of the buyer.

There is so much more to selling a house than average home sellers think, During the intensive sales process, you are relieved of your worries and a lot of time and risk saved by the expert settlement. The sales agent helps you from a strategic sales plan to a solid purchase contract.

Contact us. In an exploratory meeting you will learn everything about the role of a sales agent during the sales process.

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